How it Works

Your Safeth Platinum Tokens will be highly secure in our private decentralised wallet within our blockchain. Our private blockchain transactions will incur a 1-15% fee, this fee is then distributed back to token holders. Simply purchase the token, lock the tokens in with a click of a button and instantly start earning staking rewards. Alternatively, use your tokens as collateral to immediately receive a "Pay Back Free Privacy Loan". You will receive your loan in a variety of cryptocurrencies, which you are free to spend either in the built in private marketplace or elsewhere as you please. As your tokens are secured in the blockchain, your staked tokens will ‘unlock' once your loan has paid itself off with its built in dividend rewards. You will then be free to use the tokens yet again.


Create Account

Here you will register an account and purchase Safeth Platinum Token using Bitcoin, Ethereum or Bitcoin Cash. Your balances and transactions will remain here until our public blockchain launches.

Safe & Secure

We take careful measures to ensure that your Safeth Platinum and Safeth Cash is as safe as possible. Offline storage provides an important security measure against theft or loss.

Buy & Sell

Our blockchain will work with exchange partners around the world to make buying and selling Safeth Platinum Tokens and Safeth Cash both a seemless and secure experience.

Who is Safeth?

About the Safeth Team

Safeth is the development company responsible for the ongoing development and prosperity of the Safeth Platinum project. Originally founded in 2018 in Colorado by Joseph and Cynthia Lathus, an incredible idea was formed in consultation with our biggest asset, our Ouija board. This gained traction when the public realised it can accurately predict the future and started following our advice. (Please visit our YouTube channel) This led us to collaborate on the betterment of humanity, focussing on access and freedom. Thus, the Safeth Platinum idea was born. We truly believe we are offering you a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Why SAFeth

Competitive Benefit

Competitive advantages of Safeth Platinum Token Privacy Loans by far beat the traditional lending platform. Typically when a loan is created the user must secure all the collateral, on our blockchain however we have created a leveraged collateralized reward paying asset on a 2 token blockchain

Safe & Secure
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Our Core Team

Professional Experts

we are proud of our great team. It is one of the most motivated and enthusiastic group of developers we could ask for, and is always ready and willing to help out where needed.


Cynthia Lathus

Co-Founder & CIO


Mustapha Cole

General Manager



Business Development

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